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I offer custom MS Excel macro programming and MS Word macro programming services.

I began writing simple MS Word macros 20 years ago to speed up and enhance my technical documentation projects and to rid myself of some of the more tedious tasks. Then my clients started asking me to write macros for them.

After MS Office became a staple, I expanded my services to include Excel macro programming, and eventually discovered the power of using Excel macros from within Word macros and vice versa.

Excel macros are extremely valuable tools and can be used alone or in conjunction with Word macros. They simplify and speed up a wide variety of tasks such as:

Custom macros can save you hours of tedious work and eliminate errors caused by fatigue...

... as Andy Bliss of The LLB Group recently discovered. He wrote:
"you have been nothing short of awesome with this project."

  • Detecting and processing duplicate information

  • Extracting data from forms and using that data to generate reports

  • Manipulating downloaded data to present it in a more usable format

  • Converting document formatting into HTML and vice versa

  • Consolidating data from multiple sources into a single spreadsheet

Here's a sample of what a simple Excel macro can do. Say you have a column of numbers -- dollar values, inventory on hand, ages of your students -- and you'd like to see the distribution of the even numbers ... or the odd numbers ... or all the numbers. A simple macro could create those charts for you. You could run it any time with any set of numbers.

Sample macro, image

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jump through hoops for you.

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